Monday, March 28, 2011

A Cure for Dust Bunnies

For me, becoming a mother was completely chaotic and overwhelming.  At first I had enough stress adrenaline to keep me going with everything that needed to be done but I noticed after a while that I was letting things slide in our home.  There were piles of papers on almost every surface, shoes and clothes scattered around the floor, dust bunnies under all my furniture and along the baseboards, dishes were sitting in the sink longer, laundry was piled up like Mount Everest by my washer and get the idea.  There is a lot of shame that goes along with having a messy house so I think most of us don't talk about it.  We don't tell our friends when they come over, "If you think my house looks bad now, you should have seen it before! I did my mad dash and shoved everything into closets or the closest room and shut the door." know what I'm talking about.

Well, after a year or so of feeling completely overwhelmed and feeling like a failure as a homemaker, I talked to someone about how I felt and about how I didn't even know where to start.  She recommended a website I had never heard of  Okay, my first thought was, "Sure...I'll try it's really going to help".  I was surprised when I went to the site, though.  It's like homemaking for dummies.

I admit that I have not followed the flylady program faithfully.  I fall off the wagon but I find that it is easy to get back on again.  So if you find it completely overwhelming to run your household successfully then check out this site and see if it can help.  I was really grateful to the person who shared it with me so I want to pass it along.

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  1. I've been thinking about you guys. My parents are fostering an 8-year old girl. They are not official foster parents yet, just court appointed guardians, but are going through the classes and interviews and the like. They hope the girl will be placed back in the home of her bio. mom by Christmas (bio. dad and step-mom are the issue). It's crazy all the rules they have to follow. So, I have been thinking that you guys went through that whole process, too. I'm grateful for families like yours that can care for these little children of God until the best place (their family or yours) is found for them. Any news on Mya?