Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Big Family

I did mention that our children's last name was the same as some people we went to church with, right?  We had spent some time wondering if they were related and how they might be related.  We didn't have to wonder for very long.

Our first Sunday was so exciting for me.  There is just something special about being able to go to church with your family and this was the first time our family included children.  We drove into the church parking lot and almost right away Emily said, "I've been here before with my Grandma!  There's her car!"  We walked into the chapel and their biological relatives (three pews full) all turned to look at us.

After the meeting, our children's great-grandparents told us they knew the children were going to be going into foster care and that they had been praying they would go to a good home.  They told us how God had answered their prayers and how happy they were that the children were with us.

When I heard this, I was overwhelmed by how much our Heavenly Father loves us and amazed by the miracles he sends us.  We knew then why we had to move to Pittsburgh, why we decided to buy a home in Beaver County, why we had become foster parents.  God knew all along that they were our children just waiting for us to come for them.

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