Friday, March 12, 2010

Train Wreck

The common thing we heard from everyone was, "What a blessing!"  I wish I could say that was how I felt but I felt like I had just been hit by a speeding train.  I laid awake that whole night feeling completely overwhelmed.  Most people get nine months to prepare for one baby.  I had a few hours to prepare for three children who were certainly not babies.  They came with "baggage".

The next morning I had to call a pediatrician first thing to make a same day appointment for Christian's burn.  I took him at 10:00 that morning leaving the other two children with Rob.  Christian threw up all over himself on our way there.  The doctor instructed me in how to care for Christian's burn and told me that the marks that were all over him (and the other two) was Scabies.  He gave me a prescription for a cream that I had to smear on all the kids from head to toe each night and said that I would have to change and wash all their bedding each morning.  I had to do this for two days.

When I got home I had to shop for clothes and other things we needed for the children.  I left the boys with Rob and took Emily with me.  Let me just say that it was not a pleasant experience.  I had two shopping carts mounded with stuff and a little girl who did not understand how to behave appropriately in public.  I walked out to the car pushing these two carts and was at my breaking point.  I had been holding it together this whole time determined not to let the children see me cry.  They needed me to be strong.  I remember loading the bags into the trunk and being thankful that it was dark because Emily wouldn't see the tears streaming down my face and my body shaking as it stifled uncontrollable sobs.  As I was doing this, I noticed that the people parked next to me had arrived and my cart was blocking them.  I thought, "Great! Just what I need right now!" and I began apologizing to the man.  I was surprised when the man told me not to worry and started helping me unload my carts.  He then took both of my carts and returned them for me.  I thanked him and he told me that his daughter had twins and that he knew how hard it was for her.  I got into the car and cried even more but for a different reason.  I don't know who that man was or why he had decided to help me and I'm sure he has no idea how much his actions meant to me.  It was a simple act but it made all the difference in my world.  There are tears on my face as I think back to that day.  God sends his angels to us in the moments we need him most.  I'm so thankful for the angel he sent me that night.

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