Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Treasure Each Moment

I've been thinking a lot about all the things I wish I'd done with my dad while I still could.  It's amazing how the loss of a loved one can make you examine your life and your priorities.  I've said the words over and over..."We can worry about that when things settle down."  I find, however, that "things" never settle down. 

Sunday we had a special meeting at which Elder Richard G. Scott spoke to our stake.  It was a wonderful meeting and I felt so inspired.  Some of the main things I took away from it was turning off the TV and spending more quality time with my children, taking more time for scripture study and sincere prayer, and making sure that God is first in my life.

For the first year of parenthood, Rob and I were in survival mode.  It was necessary...but when and how do you transition from surviving to thriving?

I watch my children and am amazed by how much they are growing and learning.  Sometimes I wish I could just stop time so I could really take it all in and savor it.  But life doesn't work that way.  We have to use each moment we're given.  I have fond memories of the vacations I've taken with my parents, siblings, spouse and children throughout my life.  The moments that have really formed my relationship with them though are the times we spent working together.  I walked into Lowe's the other day and I teared up as I remembered the many projects I worked on with my dad.  I learned so much from him and I loved spending that time with him.  If those are the times I cherish, then doesn't it make sense that those are the ones my children will cherish?  Whether it's working in our garden, doing dishes together, baking cookies, raking leaves, shoveling doesn't matter.

From this day on I'm going to strive to treasure each moment I have with my family and celebrate this beautiful life we've been given.

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